Preventing Cancer

Are You Getting Enough B12 to Fight Mental Decline?

Even if youre only a little low in vitamin B12, you might be at greater risk for cognitive decline than previously thought. While prior research has linked serious B12 deficiency to higher likelihood of cognitive problems, a recent Tufts study found that moderately low levels of B12 also put older people at significantly increased risk.

Q: I recently attended an informational program on prostate cancer at which I...

Answer : A The concern about flaxseed oil-and, to a much lesser extent, canola oil-stems from the alphalinolenic acid (ALA) content of these oils.

Ginkgo Linked to Cancer in Lab Animals

Ginkgo biloba, one of the most popular herbal supplements despite repeated trials failing to show

Coffee May Combat Aggressive Cancers

Heres news that might settle the nerves of heavy coffee drinkers: Two new studies suggest that high coffee consumption might be linked to reduced risks of the most aggressive form of breast cancer in women and lethal prostate cancer in men

Low-Dose Aspirin Might Combat Colon Cancer

T aking low-dose aspirin-often recom- mended to protect your heart-may also reduce your odds of colon cancer. A team of researchers whod previously shown a link between high-dose aspirin and lower colon-cancer risk looked at fve trials totaling 16,488 participants taking lower doses, since long-term high-dose aspirin usage can have adverse bleeding effects. Over nearly 20 years of followup, the new analysis found that people assigned to low- dose aspirin regimens for six years were at one-quarter lower risk of colon cancer and one-third less likely to die of the disease.

Try Kale for Vitamin K and Cancer Protection

Kale may well be the it vegetable of the moment, celebrated in everything from cooking magazines to health websites. But unlike some food fads, this nutritious leafy green deserves the attention its suddenly getting.

No Link Between Folic Acid Supplements and Colorectal Cancer

A new American Cancer Society study concludes that theres no evidence folic acid from fortified foods or supplements increases the risk of colorectal cancer. Earlier research, including a 2007 Tufts study

European Study Finds No Extra Bladder-Cancer Risk for Meat Eaters

In a rare bit of good news for red-meat lovers, a study of nearly a half-million people from 10 European countries has found no link between eating red or processed meat and risk of bladder cancer

Mushrooms a Surprising Source of Vitamin D

Mushrooms are the only food in the produce aisle that naturally contains vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin thats essential for bone health and associated with a wide range of other possible health benefits.

No Bone or Menopause Benefits from Soy

Women seeking an alternative to hormone-replacement therapy have hoped that soy foods, which contain a plant type of estrogen