Quinoa Tabbouleh with Broccoli

Quinoa replaces the bulgur wheat traditionally used in this Mediterranean dish. This naturally gluten-free recipe provides complete plant protein.

Salmon with Peas and Garlic

Salmon with Peas and Garlic recipe.

Avocado, Fennel, Carrot and Radish Salad

Avocado, Fennel, Carrot and Radish Salad recipe.

Spring Vegetable Salad

Featuring spring vegetables, strawberries, citrus and sweet onion, this colorful salad is truly a celebration of spring. Prepare the dressing and ingredients in advance, but assemble and toss with dressing just before serving. Even though sweet onions are less pungent than other varieties, it is a good idea to soak them in ice water to temper their bite before tossing into a salad. Almonds complement the flavors well, but other nuts, such as walnuts, pecans or pistachios, would make a delicious topping as well.

Spinach, Grapefruit & Avocado Salad

Juicy, tart red grapefruit makes a delicious contrast to buttery avocado and crunchy radishes. We have included cooked shrimp in this refreshing main-dish salad, but you can substitute sliced cooked chicken or flaked cooked salmon (or even canned salmon). If you have to avoid grapefruit because of the medications you take, substitute a cara cara orange (a type of red-fleshed navel orange) or a regular navel orange.

Chickpeas with Vegetables

Chickpeas with Vegetables recipe.

Spicy Curry Soup with Chicken

Spicy Curry Soup with Chicken Recipe

Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables

Quinoa with Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Simple Lentil Soup

Humble dried lentils are a valuable pantry staple and they are easy to cook. Unlike dried beans, they do not require pre-soaking. Lentils are a good source of plant protein, fiber, minerals (like iron and zinc) and folate. They are economical too-ideal for hearty soups like this one. As this recipe takes advantage of convenience products like frozen chopped onions, jarred minced garlic and prepared shredded carrots, the soup is a cinch to make. It takes about an hour to cook on the stovetop. Pureing a portion of the soup gives it body while maintaining the texture with some intact lentils, but is optional and depends on your personal preference. This step is easy to do with an immersion blender. You can also use a regular blender, but be sure to use caution when blending hot liquids. The soup keeps well and can also be frozen.

Divine Fish Stew

The red wine gives this sophisticated stew a deep red color and a warm, complex flavor..