7 Habits That Really Do Protect Your Heart

Celebrate American Heart Month by taking these simple steps for heart health. Making a number of small gradual changes towards lowering heart disease risk is a good and achievable goal.

Improve An Apple a Day Might Keep Cholesterol Healthier

New reason not to overlook antioxidants in apples health benefits.

Americans Cholesterol Numbers Improving

A new report has good news about Americans cholesterol levels

Hospital Meals Flunk Salt Test

A stay in the hospital could be bad for your blood pressure-and not just because

Fewer in US Have High Cholesterol

Despite our ever-widening waistlines, Americans are making progress on at least one front in the war on

No More Meat Mysteries

New nutrition labeling for meat and poultry puts facts at your fingertips.How many calories are in that chicken breast? How much saturated fat does

Wake-Up Call

Start the New Year right by resolving to start your day with a healthy breakfast. Its not an exaggeration at all to call breakfast the most important meal of the day, says Helen M. Rasmussen

Cholesterol-Lowering Foods Boost Benefits of Cutting Saturated Fat

Eating a diet high in cholesterol-lowering foods can improve the effectiveness of cutting down on saturated fat

When Snacks Attack

Take charge of whats become Americas fourth daily meal with these strategies for smarter snacking. If you cant seem to succeed in your healthy-eating goals, despite nutritious meal planning, maybe the problem is what you eat between meals-snacks

Extra Omega-3s Shown to Improve Insulin Resistance

The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil, known to benefit heart health, may also be effective in reducing diabetes risk