Weight Management

Weight Lifting Could Pump Up Your Brain

Pumping iron might be good for your aging brain as well as your muscles, according to a new study of older

Switch to Sedentary Jobs Contributes to Obesity

Part of the reason Americans have gotten so fat is that our jobs have grown more sedentary. In a review of energy expenditure in US private employment since 1960, scientists report that men are burning an average 140 fewer daily calories on the job; for women, its 124 fewer calories a day

Diet Comparison Challenges Conventional Wisdom on Calories

Does a small study comparing three different diets disprove the long-held belief that all calories are

16 States Get Fatter, None Slimmer

America, theres even more of us to love-with dire consequences for the nations health.

Watch Your Weight and Help Protect Your Brain

Staying healthy and maintaining a normal weight may be good not only for your body but also for your

Obesity Equation: Eating More Often, Bigger Portions

Dont blame more-caloric foods for the US obesity epidemic, however

Almost Half of Obese Are Nonetheless “Metabolically Healthy”

Is it possible to be fat but still fit? The largest study ever to examine the "obesity paradox"- analyzing data on more than 43,000

Snacks Add Up to a 4th Meal

Confirming the increasing role of snacks in the US diet, research presented at the recent Institute of Food Technologists Expo

“Ideal Weight” Gets Fatter, Too

Whats your ideal weight? As Americans get fatter, their answer is packing on the pounds, too.

Can You Trust Restaurant Calorie Counts?

Most calorie counts on restaurant menus are accurate, according to new Tufts research