Weight Management

Can You Trust Restaurant Calorie Counts?

Most calorie counts on restaurant menus are accurate, according to new Tufts research

When Snacks Attack

Take charge of whats become Americas fourth daily meal with these strategies for smarter snacking. If you cant seem to succeed in your healthy-eating goals, despite nutritious meal planning, maybe the problem is what you eat between meals-snacks

Weight-Loss Math Not So Simple

If youve ever tried to lose weight, you know the formula: 3,500 calories equal one pound

Half of US Obese by 2030

The urgency of cutting calories (however many it takes) was underscored by another new report

Weight Watchers Beats Conventional Healthcare for Weight Loss

The Weight Watchers program works better than primary-care management for weight loss, according to a new randomized trial

Secrets of Keeping Off the Weight You Lose

Despite the talk of yo-yo dieting, it is possible to lose weight and keep most of it off

SuperTracker Puts MyPlate to Work

Positive messages replace avoidance emphasis.If your New Years nutrition and fitness resolutions are starting to flag, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

7 Surprising Findings About Exercise and Your Health

Even the experts sometimes need a little nudge to get exercising. Miriam E. Nelson, PhD, director of Tufts John Hancock Research Center on Physical Activity

Doctors Own Weight Affects Treatment of Overweight Patients

Is your doctor overweight? The answer may make a difference to your own weight issues

If Youre Overweight, Low-Glycemic Diet Could Be Healthier

Not all carbohydrates are the same for overweight individuals, for whom a low-glycemic