Weight Management

Q: More and more, I am reading that wheat really is not so healthy...

Answer : A Nicola McKeown, PhD, director of Tufts Nutritional Epidemiology Program, responds: There is a great deal of testimonial evidence on whats known in the vernacular as wheat belly, but there is a lack of scientific evidence to support the claims...

How Much Walking to Burn Off That Burger?

If you knew it would take two hours of brisk walking to burn off the calories in that quarter-pound double cheeseburger, would you be less likely to order it?

Obesity Rates High But Stabilizing

New government data suggest that while US levels of obesity and overweight remain far too high, the rate of increase may be slowing. About one-third of adults were obese in the latest analysis of data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).

7 Surprising Findings About Exercise and Your Health

Even the experts sometimes need a little nudge to get exercising. Miriam E. Nelson, PhD, director of Tufts John Hancock Research Center on Physical Activity

Average American Cholesterol Levels No Longer Improving

Americans LDL cholesterol levels have stopped

Weight Tops Smoking in Impact on Quality of Life

In another new study on obesity, the toll of excess weight on Americans health and quality of life was reported to have overtaken that of smoking, even though tobacco still poses a greater mortality threat. The analysis of 15 years of public-health data concluded that by 2008, the obese were losing more quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) through disability and limitations on activity. That contrasts with 1993, when the QALYs lost to obesity were far behind the toll of smoking.

Doctors Own Weight Affects Treatment of Overweight Patients

Is your doctor overweight? The answer may make a difference to your own weight issues

Watch Out for Calorie-Packed Meals at Smaller Restaurants

If you think you can avoid unhealthy restaurant fare by skipping nation-wide chain restaurants for smaller local eateries, a new Tufts study has a wake-up call for you.

For Obese Seniors, Combine Diet Plus Exercise to Fight Frailty

Combining diet and exercise is the most effective formula for obese seniors who want to improve physical performance, according to a new year-long study. For older people, the findings suggest, losing weight may be just as important for fighting off frailty as for avoiding obesity-related medical conditions

If Youre Overweight, Low-Glycemic Diet Could Be Healthier

Not all carbohydrates are the same for overweight individuals, for whom a low-glycemic