More Evidence Antioxidants in Food Help Protect Against Stroke

A diet rich in antioxidants, especially from fruits and vegetables, could help reduce your risk

Dietary Potassium Linked to Lower Stroke Risk

Getting more potassium in your diet may help protect you against the most common type of stroke

Strenuous Exercise Linked to Fewer Silent Strokes in Elderly

To reduce your risk of stroke, really break a sweat. In a new study published in Neurology


Olive-Oil Lovers at Lower Risk of Strokes Akey component of the so-called Mediterranean diet, olive oil may help protect against strokes caused by blocked arteries

Women Coffee Drinkers at Lower Risk of Stroke

The evidence keeps percolating that coffee might have benefits beyond just helping you wake up in the morning. The latest such finding, from a large Swedish study, links coffee drinking to a reduced risk of stroke in women

Extra Folic Acid Fails Against Heart Disease and Cancer

A lthough folic acid supplementation has proven benefts- most notably, preventing birth defects-hopes it might protect against cardiovascular disease and cancer were disappointed by a major new meta-analysis.