Healthy Eating

FDA Nixes Corn Sugar Labeling

Dont look for corn sugar to replace high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) on package labels

Consumers Turning to Foods with Benefits

Even before the expected food-price hikes from this summers drought

Staying Active and Social Prolongs Life Even After 75

Even well into your golden years, exercise can extend your life-and the greatest benefits come just from getting

Fruit First for Snacking

When Americans reach for a snack, its most likely to be fruit-though its a close call over more caloric choices.

Steady Salt Reduction Would Save Lives

Half a million lives could be saved over a 10-year period by steadily reducing

Low-Fat Isnt Always Healthier, Nutrition Experts Caution

I f you want to eat a healthier diet, cut out the fat-right? Wrong, according to experts at the American Dietetic As- sociation (ADA) Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, in a panel on The Great Fat Debate. If you replace dietary fat, even saturated fat such as butter and whole milk, with sugar and other carbohydrates, you could actually be increas- ing your risk of heart disease.