Sea Salt Ineffective for Sodium Reduction

Dont count on sea salt to reduce your dietary sodium intake.

Progress Seen on Cutting Trans Fats-But Slowing

A new report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

How to Make MyPlate Your Plate

Goodbye food pyramid, hello plate-with a side order of science-based dietary advice. After nearly two decades, the familiar if sometimes confusing food pyramid has gone the way of the pharaohs, replaced by a new official icon to remind Americans how to eat right: MyPlate. In unveiling the symbol along with USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack and US Surgeon General Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, First Lady Michelle Obama said, When it comes to eating, whats more simple than a plate?

Eat Right to Fight Heartburn and Reflux

Reading the news about heartburn might be enough to give you the painful condition if you arent already among the estimated 44% of Americans who suffer at least once a month. First came warnings that long-term use of a popular type of heartburn medications-proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs)-might increase the risk of hip fractures in people over 50. Now gastroenterologists are reporting cases that dont even respond completely to those medications.

Can You Get Jumbo Benefits from Eating Shrimp?

What you need to know about Americas favorite seafood.

When Snacks Attack

Take charge of whats become Americas fourth daily meal with these strategies for smarter snacking. If you cant seem to succeed in your healthy-eating goals, despite nutritious meal planning, maybe the problem is what you eat between meals-snacks

Less Fat, More Fast Food in US Diet

Were consuming less fat but eating out more than in the 1970s, according to a good news/bad news report from the USDAs Economic Research Service.

Harvesting the Health Benefits from Corn

Corn occupies a unique position in the American dietary landscape. Its a grain, a vegetable, a snack and ce-real ingredient, an ethnic-food mainstay, a source of cooking oil, a cherished treat of summer and early fall, and even a sweetener (not to mention a fuel source).

Cholesterol-Lowering Foods Boost Benefits of Cutting Saturated Fat

Eating a diet high in cholesterol-lowering foods can improve the effectiveness of cutting down on saturated fat

No Need to Worry About Calcium and Your Heart

Research finds no link between calcium intake and coronary artery calcification.