Best Cutting Boards for Food Safety


[Updated May 4, 2018]

Q: What is the best cutting board to use – such as wood, plastic, glass, etc. – for food safety?

Lynne Ausman, DSc, RD, director of the Master of Nutrition Science and Policy program at Tufts’ Friedman School, says:

A:“A chief consideration in safety of cutting boards is how easy they are to clean. Cutting boards made of a nonporous material, such as plastic or tempered glass, can be easily washed in the dishwasher. Those made of solid, hard wood with a tight grain (such as maple) might do OK in the dishwasher but over time that may encourage cracking and splitting. Boards made of soft wood (such as poplar) or that are laminated have to be hand-washed. Regardless of type, it’s best to use a separate cutting board for meat/poultry versus fruits, vegetables and bread.” Learn more at


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