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Choosing a Health App

The global market for applications (apps) and devices that track and monitor your lifestyle—from calorie, nutrient, and food intake to daily steps, sleep, water intake, and heart rate—is expected to reach more than 105 billion U.S. dollars by 2030. While the research on whether health apps can help us achieve long term results is still […]

Hydrating for Health

It’s hot out! High temperatures increase the risk of dehydration. Fluids are critical to optimal body function. They help regulate body temperature, control blood pressure, deliver nutrients and oxygen to cells, and aid proper functioning of the gastrointestinal system. When fluid levels drop, a wide variety of systems in the body are affected. Knowing the […]

Newsbites: June 2022

Have High Blood Pressure? Healthy Lifestyle Choices Linked to Lower Risk of Death A study that followed over 14,000 individuals in China with hypertension (high blood pressure) for up to 10 years found that improvement in lifestyle after hypertension diagnosis was associated with significantly lower risk of death. Lifestyle factors included body mass index, smoking […]

Is a “Juice Cleanse” Right for You?

Juice cleanses involve consuming nothing but fruit and vegetable juices, often organic and raw, for two to 10 days. If you are considering trying one of these programs, be sure to be informed before you start. The Claims. Proponents say juice cleanses help detoxify your body and jumpstart weight loss, among other claims. Let’s take […]

Sustainability of Tree Nuts

Q: I recently heard that growing almonds requires more water than producing beef. I want to improve the sustainability of my diet. Should I give up tree nuts like almonds? A: Timothy Griffin, PhD, an associate professor and director of the Agriculture, Food and Environment program at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, […]

Feeling Faint when Meals are Skipped

Q: Sometimes when I miss a meal, I end up feeling faint. What could be causing this, and what should I do? A: Anastassios...

Nutrition for Moms-to-Be

Good nutrition is important at every stage of life, and when a woman is eating for two, food decisions can be even more confusing and stressful! If you or someone in your life is pregnant or hoping to become pregnant, there are a few key dietary needs to keep in mind. To celebrate the mothers […]

Phytochemicals: The Nutrients You Never Heard of

Each plant we consume contains hundreds of phytochemicals. Scientists are just beginning to understand how these fascinating plant compounds behave in our bodies. We talked to Jeffrey B. Blumberg, PhD, professor emeritus at Tufts’ Friedman School and former director of the Antioxidants Research Laboratory at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging, to find out […]

Plant-Based Grilling

Grilling may traditionally lean towards burgers, brats, steaks, and other meats, but don’t let that limit your menu picks! That open flame maximizes and often transforms the flavor of veggies and fruits, too. From traditional choices like peppers and eggplant, to corn on the cob, carmelized fruit, or grilled romaine hearts, fruits and vegetables are […]

Is Low-Carb Eating for You?

Low-carbohydrate weight loss diets have become mainstream. Before jumping on the bandwagon, take a look at the answers to these common questions: What is Low-Carb Eating? Carbohydrates (sugars, starches, and fiber) are found naturally in fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. But most carbohydrates in modern diets come from highly processed foods made […]