Masked Hypertension: High Blood Pressure Can Hide

Nearly one in eight US adults may have "masked" hypertension, says new research in American Journal of Epidemiology. Thats high blood pressure not found during checkups. It raises risk of stroke and premature death.

The Nutritional Value of White Potatoes

There's a lot to like about spuds. They're super-versatile, satisfying, affordable and store well. Yet, there's concern this dietary staple may be bad for your blood sugar, heart and weight.

Q. Will apple cider vinegar really improve blood pressure?

Q. Will apple cider vinegar really improve blood pressure?

Kidneys May Also Benefit from Anti-Hypertension Diet

A diet proven to protect against high blood pressure could also lower your risk of chronic kidney disease, according to a new observational study.

Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

An important nutrient for reaching old age free of disease and disability might surprise you. According to a new Australian study, it's dietary fiber - a nutrient that, by definition, you don't even digest. In its path through your body, however, fiber is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

What is the Right Menu to Control Hypertension?

If you're worried about high blood pressure, a new systematic review of scientific evidence has good news: Changing your diet really can make a difference. Not surprisingly, the most effective diet for reducing hypertension was one designed specifically for that purpose - the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) plan. But other interventions, including cutting salt and calories, also were associated with blood-pressure benefits.

Caffeine Doesnt Cause Heart Jitters

The popular notion - reflected in doctors' advice and clinical guidelines - that caffeine can cause your heart to "skip a beat" is probably wrong. A new study, the first of its kind to actually monitor participants' hearts over a 24-hour span, concludes that frequent caffeine consumption is not associated with premature heart contractions or disturbances of the hearts electrical rhythm.

More Good News for Egg Lovers

Eating eggs occasionally probably wont raise your risk of heart attack, stroke or heart failure. That's the latest good news for egg lovers from a Swedish study following two large groups of men and women for 13 years.

Will You Be Part of Salts Global Reach?

If youre worried about getting too much sodium from salt in your diet, a new globe-spanning study reports you should have company among 99% of the worlds population. Daily sodium consumption in the 66 countries studied averaged 3,950 milligrams-nearly twice the maximum recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). That excess sodium intake, researchers estimated, contributes to about 1.65 million deaths a year worldwide from cardiovascular causes.

10 Keys to Cardiovascular Health

When the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association released new guidelines for preventing cardiovascular disease in November, the headlines all focused on their controversial recommendations for statin use. Almost lost in the coverage was another set of ACC/AHA recommendations, which looked at diet and physical activity rather than drugs for reducing cardiovascular risk. Whether your physician has prescribed statin medications or not, these Lifestyle Management Guidelines can help protect your heart.