Healthy Eating

Processed Meats

Intake of Processed Meats Not Falling, Despite Evidence of Health Risks

Accumulating evidence links excessive consumption of processed meats with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and some cancers. A study by Tufts researchers recently published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics indicates that people in the U.S. are not heeding expert warnings about these foods. The analysis looked at […]

Egg-ceptionally Confusing Eggs

The supermarket case displays a wide variety of egg choices—at a wide range of prices. Are some eggs really better than others? Here are the important things to consider when deciding which eggs are the right choice for you: The Basics: Color, size, and grade are the primary ways eggs are grouped. Egg color is […]
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Q. What are some ways I can decrease sugar when baking?

A. Judith C. Thalheimer, RD, LDN, managing editor of Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, answers. “The added sugars, refined carbohydrates, and saturated fats in baked goods like muffins, cakes, and cookies are associated with numerous chronic health problems, and nutrition experts universally recommend cutting back on their intake (see A Report Card on the American […]
Junk Food

A Report Card on the American Diet

The latest available data show that, as of 2016, Americans had made some significant dietary improvements, reducing intake of low-quality carbohydrates like added sugars and increasing high-quality carbohydrates, plant protein, and polyunsaturated fatty acids. However, they were still eating too many low-quality carbohydrates and consuming more than the recommended level of saturated fat, according to […]

The Low FODMAP Diet

FODMAPs (fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols) are a group of sugars and fibers that serve as beneficial prebiotics, feeding the gut microbes that are important to many facets of health. Most people have no problem consuming as many high FODMAP foods as they want. Unfortunately, some people are sensitive to FODMAPs and may need […]

BPA: How Worried Should We Be?

Bisphenol A, also known as BPA, is pervasive in our environment. Animal studies suggest that at very high levels it could have adverse health impacts, but there is as yet no solid evidence that BPA causes health problems in humans at current levels of exposure. Until we have more information, taking simple measures to limit […]
Soluble Fiber

Oat Soluble Fiber Influences Blood Sugar Control, But Not Appetite

A randomized, placebo-controlled, crossover trial published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found the soluble fiber in oats (oat beta-glucan) affected blood glucose and insulin levels and slowed the movement of food from the stomach into the intestines, but it did not significantly affect appetite or food intake at subsequent meals. Sixteen males and […]
Fasting diets

Fasting Diets Equivalent to More Traditional Calorie Cutting for Weight Loss

A randomized controlled trial recently published in The Journal of Nutrition found that intermittent calorie restriction and continuous calorie restriction were equally effective in promoting weight loss, with no significant differences in outcomes. Forty-six healthy women between the ages of 18 and 55 living in the U.K. who had overweight or obesity (BMI 25 or […]

Detox Dilemma

Pesticides on produce, arsenic in rice, mercury in fish, plastics, PCBs…hearing about chemicals in our environment and potentially toxic substances in our food and water is distressing and worrisome. It’s no surprise people turn to “detox diets” and “cleanses” to try to combat this seeming assault. But these popular programs are unproven, unregulated, and potentially […]
Monash Tzatziki

Monash Tzatziki Dip

Try this low FODMAP version of a classic Greek sauce as a dip, with meat or poultry, in sandwiches, with rice dishes, or any way you like.