General Nutrition

28% of Americans Cant Cook

Preparing more meals yourself at home is one of the surest ways to start eating more healthily

Omega-3s Reduce the Rate of Mental Aging

Does eating fish help protect your brain? Previous studies of the brain effects of the omega-3 fatty acids found in

Survey: Sugar New Obesity Villain

Consumers are switching their worries from fats to sugar as the dietary ingredient

Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Snack?

With snacks now adding up to a fourth daily "meal," are you making healthy choices? Heres help for smarter snacking.

How to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

…and how to make them stick. The secret? Understanding your habits and the dual drivers of your behavior.

Indulgence Tops Health When Eating Out

Picking healthy foods when eating out is a priority

Alpha-Carotene Linked to Lower Mortality Rates

A lpha-carotene, the often-overlooked cousin of more familiar beta-caro- tene, may help you live longer-and further explain the health benefts of eating vegetables and fruits. Researchers at the CDC, studying data on more than 15,000 adults from a national nutrition survey, report that people with the highest blood levels of alpha-carotene were 39% less likely to die from all causes over almost 14 years.

Findings Cast Doubt on Glycemic-Index Appetite Effects

Fad diets have touted using the glycemic index (GI)-a measure of how quickly a food boosts blood sugar-as a magic bullet for targeting weight loss. But science keeps finding that the facts are more complicated

Calcium Supplements Again Linked to Kidney Stones

In more evidence that you can indeed get too much of a good thing-especially in pill form, rather than from food

Denmark Introduces a Tax on Saturated Fat

Like Hamlet, butter lovers may conclude theres something rotten (or maybe rancid?) in Denmark