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  • Loving Your Heart: Cholesterol and You
  • Newsbites
  • Cue Up Cabbage!
  • Tips for Cutting Food Waste (and Why You Should)
  • Ask Tufts Experts

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  • I Hereby Resolve...
  • Newsbites
  • Check Your Nutrition Knowledge!
  • Portion Tips and Tricks
  • White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health
  • Ask Tufts Experts

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  • Beware of "Health-Washing"
  • Understanding Plant “Antinutrients”
  • Special Report: Our Favorite Holiday Recipes!
  • Fitting in Fats for Health
  • 2022 Topic Index
  • Ask Tufts Experts: Washing Organic Produce; Instant Oats

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  • Give Thanks for Good Health
  • Newsbites: Vitamin D; red meat and CVD risk; psyllium and constipation
  • Grain Products: Don’t be Fooled by Healthy-Sounding Labels!
  • Special Report: Top 3 Reasons to Avoid “Top Foods” Lists
  • Diet and Hemorrhoids
  • Featured Recipe: Fresh Cranberry Orange Relish
  • Ask Tufts Experts: Processed foods; calcium intake

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  • For Brain Health, Protect Your Heart
  • Newsbites: Lifespan and salt; genes, lifestyle, and prostate cancer
  • Wonderful Winter Squash
  • Special Report: Eight Essentials for Heart Health
  • Are Your Sleep Habits Affecting Your Weight?
  • Featured Recipe: Glazed Squash with Walnuts and Thyme
  • Ask Tufts Experts: Taking supplements with (or without) food; nitrates in “no nitrate added” meats

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  • Is That Popular Diet Plan a Healthy Choice?
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Small Amounts of Physical Activity Can Have Big Benefits
  • Grab-n-Go Lunch
  • FEATURED RECIPE: Hummus and Veggie Wraps
  • ASK TUFTS EXPERTS: Activated charcoal; oatmeal vs. oat bran

Download The Full August 2022 Issue PDF

  • NEWSBITES: multivitamins and cancer; supplements for losing body fat; vitamin D and COVID-19
  • Choosing a Health App
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Easy, Flavorful, Exciting Veggies
  • Nutrition Security
  • FEATURED RECIPE: Vegan Mexican Frittata
  • ASK TUFTS EXPERTS: Getting enough veggies; iceberg vs. romaine

Download The Full July 2022 Issue PDF

  • NEWSBITES: Physical activity in older adults; low- and no-calorie drinks
  • Hydrating for Health
  • SPECIAL REPORT: Cholesterol, Explained
  • Red, White, and …Berries!
  • FEATURED RECIPE: Chickpea Salad with Strawberries
  • ASK TUFTS EXPERTS: Why we say “people with obesity;” Cholesterol and genes

Download The Full June 2022 Issue PDF

  • NewsBites: loneliness and CVD; controlling blood sugar; supplement overuse
  • Is a “Juice Cleanse” Right for You?
  • Special Report: Is it Dementia?
  • Featured Recipe: Four-Bean Salad
  • Ask Tufts Experts: Sustainability of tree nuts; feeling faint when meals are skipped