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  • Prostate Cancer
  • NewsBites
  • Resolution Redux
  • Special Report: Buying Seafood
  • Soul Food!
  • Featured Recipe: Cold Black-Eyed Pea Salad

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  • Spring Veggies
  • Newsbites
  • Are You at Risk for CKM Syndrome?
  • Special Report: Vitamin Supplements: Yes, or No?
  • Let’s Get Moving!
  • Featured Recipe: Crispy Sheetpan Salmon and Asparagus
  • Q&A: Grass-fed vs Grain-fed Beef

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  • Don’t Be Fooled!
  • Newsbites
  • The World Within
  • 5 Ways to ID Ultraprocessed Foods
  • Should You Eat Gluten Free?
  • Alice’s Pita Chips & Lemon-Garlic Bean Spread
  • Q&A: Daily Food Choices
  • Myth: Carbs and Weight

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  • Eating for the Earth…And Your Health
  • NewsBites: Diabetes remission; sleep and insulin resistance
  • Where Does Poultry Fit In?
  • Special Report: Understanding Atherosclerosis
  • Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
  • Featured Recipe: Roman Chicken with Peppers
  • Ask Tufts Experts: Iodine and low-salt diets
  • Myth of the Month: Organics and pesticides

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  • A Healthy Way to Show Your Love?
  • Newsbites
  • Winter Fruits
  • Fad Diet Fact-Check
  • The Fats You Should Eat
  • Swiss Chard Salad
  • Ask Tufts Experts: Olive oil
  • Myth of the Month Negative Calorie Foods

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  • How to Stick to Those Resolutions!
  • Newsbites
  • Check Your Nutrition Knowledge!
  • Special Report: Expand Your
Plant Palate
  • The Facts About Pea Protein
  • Quiz Answers
  • Ask Tufts Experts

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  • Healthy Homemade Food Gifts
  • NewsBites
  • A Note from the Editor-in-Chief
  • Special Report: Big Stories of 2023
  • The Facts About Weight Loss Drugs
  • Featured Recipe: Pasta Fagioli Soup
  • Ask Tufts Experts

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  • Give Thanks for Foods from the Americas!
  • Newsbites
  • Making Time for Healthy Behaviors
  • Avoiding Insulin Resistance
  • Dietary Supplements for Sports Performance
  • Recipe: Butternut Squash Soup with Apple

Download The Full October 2023 Issue PDF

  • Breast Cancer and Diet
  • NewsBites
  • Leadership Changes
  • Special Report: Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome?
  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Featured Recipe: Fresh Orange Tofu
  • Ask Tufts Experts

Download The Full September 2023 Issue PDF

  • High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer
  • News Bites
  • Veggie Variety
  • Using Package Clues to Find the Healthiest Choices
  • Filling Your Freezer
  • Ask Tufts Experts