Q: I have been told that the sugar substitute Splenda is unhealthy due to the chemicals used to process sugar into Splenda. Can you clarify?


Answer :Its true that Splenda is made using chlorine, which sounds scary; the sugar industry warns that youre actually eating chlorine when consuming sucralose, the chemical sold as Splenda. Plain sugar is transformed into sucralose by substituting three chlorine atoms for hydrogen, creating a substance that is not digested by the body-so its effectively caloriefree- and thats 600 times sweeter than sugar. (Packaged Splenda also contains dextrose and maltodextrin as bulking agents.) But theres no evidence that the chlorine atoms in sucralose are any more dangerous than they are in, say, sodium chloride-ordinary salt. Before giving sucralose the OK, the US Food and Drug Administration reviewed more than 110 human and animal studies demonstrating its safety.


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