Psyllium Fiber May Relieve Chronic Constipation


If you are constipated, dietary fiber and fluid intake may help. For those who suffer from chronic constipation, fiber supplements may be necessary. A review of 16 randomized controlled trials concluded that supplementation with psyllium fiber improves constipation. Overall, 66 percent of participants responded to fiber treatment. The fiber increased stool frequency and consistency, but also increased flatulence (passing gas) compared to control.

The ground-up husk of Plantago ovata seeda, psyllium is a soluble fiber. Soluble fiber forms a gel with liquid that helps make stools softer and adds bulk that triggers intestinal contractions. Supplements come in coarse or fine powders or in capsules. Powders are mixed into water or juice and may be flavored or plain. The optimal amount depends on a number of factors, so read package labels for dosing information.


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