Masked Hypertension: High Blood Pressure Can Hide


[Updated May 10, 2018]

Nearly one in eight US adults may have “masked” hypertension, says new research in American Journal of Epidemiology. That’s high blood pressure not found during checkups. It raises risk of stroke and premature death.

To estimate prevalence of masked hypertension, scientists analyzed blood pressure tests (from 24-hour monitors and/or in-clinic readings) and other data from 811 patients from a New York City clinic and a national sample of 9,316 adults. Masked hypertension was more common in adults age 45 and older, men and those with clinic blood pressure readings that were borderline high (less than 140/90 but equal to or more than 120/89 mm Hg). To help detect masked hypertension, check blood pressure on your own. If your doctor suspects the condition, you may be asked to wear a monitor for 24 hours.

To Learn More: American Journal of Epidemiology, January 2017


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