Simple Carbohydrates


Simple carbohydrates are made up of one(single) or two (double) sugar molecules. When most people think of simple carbohydrates, they think of sucrose (a double sugar), the stuff you sprinkle on cereal or spoon into your coffee. But that’s only the most familiar simple carbohydrate.

simple carbohydrates

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Other simple carbohydrates include glucose (a single sugar found in most fruits), fructose (a single sugar also found in fruits), galactose (a single sugar found in dairy products), lactose (a double sugar found in dairy products), and maltose (found in certain vegetables and in beer).

The nutritional value of simple carbohydrates depends on the foodsin which they are found—they are not necessarily bad for you or to beavoided just because they’re “simple.” The simple sugars, such as thosefound in candy, non-diet sodas, syrups and table sugar, provide caloriesbut few other nutrients.

In contrast, intake of nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables, milk, and other dairy products, provides not onlycalories from sugar, but also essential vitamins and minerals.

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