Step Counters and Fitness Trackers May Boost Activity Levels


A study that analyzed data from 38 randomized clinical trials involving over 4,200 participants concluded that activity trackers do improve physical activity levels among adults with cardiometabolic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

Over approximately 15 weeks of follow-up, wearing a pedometer (step counter), fitness tracker, or accelerometer (which records movement) significantly increased the amount of time engaged in physical activity. Interventions that combined wearable activity trackers with consultations with health professionals provided even greater increases in activity levels.

Being more active is an important part of treatment and prevention of overweight, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease (as are consuming a healthy dietary pattern and taking medications as prescribed).

Being more physically active is an important part of maintaining and improving health. Wearable fitness trackers or step counters are popular, readily available tools that may provide the motivation you need to move more.



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