Choose Your Post-Exercise Snack Before Your Workout


A recent research study, published in the journal Nutrients, found that visitors to a university recreational center were more likely to select a healthier post-exercise snack when the choice was made pre-exercise. Researchers asked 256 study participants to choose between a chocolate brownie and an apple to eat upon completion of their workout. All participants also had the choice to decline both snack options. Roughly half of the participants were randomly selected to make this snack choice pre-exercise, while the other half made the choice after their workout. When presented with the snack choice pre-exercise, 74 percent chose an apple, 14 percent chose a brownie, and 12 percent chose no snack at all. When presented post-exercise, 55 percent chose an apple, 20 percent chose a brownie, and 25 percent chose no snack. Based on this single study, the timing of choosing a snack to eat after exercise may alter snack choice. More research is needed.


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