Age is not a barrier to weight loss


A study published recently in the journal Clinical Endocrinology put to rest the idea that we can’t lose weight once we’re passed a certain age. A group of randomly selected individuals with obesity attending a hospital-based weight loss program were given dietary and psychological support to make lifestyle changes. In the end, those age 60 and older lost a similar amount of weight as those younger than 60 years. Both age groups lost around seven percent of their body weight (notably, losing at least five percent of body weight has been shown to have significant health benefits).

This study adds to a convincing body of evidence showing it is never too late to take charge of your health!


  1. Can’t find my digital account number online. Where is it?

    If it’s so easy to lose weight as an obese person
    then why is it that most people ad 2 lbs to their
    body weight avery year starting at about 41?
    The metabolism is slowing down very year
    starting at least by age 43.
    The fact is that people find it too difficult to lose weight at least by
    age 43.


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