Todays Newsbites

Leafy Greens, Poultry Top Foodborne Illness Sources

Leafy greens were to blame for the greatest proportion of foodborne illnesses over a recent 10-year span.

Healthy Makeover for School Food

Snack cakes, nachos and sugary sodas would be expelled from the nations schools under new regulations proposed by the USDA.

Cancer Deaths Keep Dropping

Americans rate of deaths from cancer is down 20% from its peak in 1991, according to a new American Cancer Society report.

Beverage Additives Safety Debated

PepsiCos announcement of plans to remove brominated vegetable oil (BVO) from Gatorade has cast a spotlight on the controversial beverage additive,

Marathon Team Runs for Research

On April 15, the Tufts Marathon Team will once again trek 26 miles, 385 yards from Hopkinton to Boston

Health on the Shelf: Top Food Trends

Grains and legumes will play starring roles in new product introductions this year

Fast-Food Consumption Dips

The percentage of calories Americans consume from restaurant fast food such as hamburgers and pizza declined slightly in a new government report

Steady Salt Reduction Would Save Lives

Half a million lives could be saved over a 10-year period by steadily reducing

Austerity Cues Calorie Cramming

Comfort food may translate into high-calorie food when people perceive that times are tough

New Label Names for Familiar Cuts of Meat

Say goodbye to pork butt.