Weight Management

5 Weather-Proof Workout Strategies

Physical activity tends to dip in bad weather. Skipping exercise for long stretches could cheat your health. "Maintaining your fitness level through regular exercise confers a multitude of benefits ranging from improved insulin sensitivity to better cognitive health," says Jennifer Sacheck, PhD, an associate professor at Tufts' Friedman School. "Exercise simply should be part of your routine - rain or shine and in cold or warm weather." If the season weakens your resolve to exercise,…

Mastering Portion Control

A lot of factors likely affect how much food you eat, such as how it looks and smells, how tasty it is, how filling you believe the food will be and whether you were taught to "clean your plate" when you were young. Environmental influences, such as the size of food packages, how much food youre served and social norms, can also have a big impact.

Sugary Soda Health Risks: Downplayed by Industry-Funded Research?

According to a recent analysis, 97% of studies that were independently funded (not sponsored by beverage makers) have reported that drinking sugary sodas is linked with obesity and diabetes.

Q. Are raw-food smoothies beneficial for weight loss and overall health?

Q. Are raw-food smoothies beneficial for weight loss and overall health?

No Weight-Loss Protection from Vitamin D

While losing weight can protect you against chronic diseases, it does come with a downside - especially for postmenopausal women: Studies have shown that obese older women who lose weight also lose lean muscle mass and bone mineral density (BMD), particularly if they are inactive, potentially putting them at greater risk of frailty and falls.

Dont Give Up on Weight Loss Because of “Biggest Loser”

If you followed the headlines about a recent study of contestants in the "Biggest Loser" reality-TV show, you might be despairing about your own chances of maintaining a healthy weight. The study, published in the journal Obesity, tracked contestants appearing on the shows eighth season, with 14 of the 16 willing to be re-measured six years later. On average, participants gained back more than two-thirds of the pounds they lost on the programs extreme diet and exercise regimen; some are even heavier now than before.

Public Transit Commuters Slimmer

Even just walking to the bus stop or train station might help commuters control their weight, according to a large British study.

Green Tea Extract Fails to Fight Fat or Boost Bones

Don't count on green-tea pills to help you lose weight or keep your bones strong. A new clinical trial testing year-long supplementation of green-tea extract reports no difference between the pills and placebo in changes in body mass index, total fat mass or percentage of body fat, or bone-mineral density.

Colorful Produce Could Help Counter “Middle-Age Spread”

Substituting colorful fruits and vegetables such as berries, peaches and peppers into your diet could help combat the gradual weight gain with age sometimes referred to as "middle-age spread." A large new study, published in BMJ, links greater consumption of foods high in plant pigments called flavonoids to less weight gain over time.

Shedding a Few Pounds May Reduce Arthritis Risk

Losing even a modest amount of weight could reduce your risk of osteoarthritis, a new Dutch study suggests. Researchers followed 353 overweight and obese women, average age 56, for two and a half years.