Healthy Eating

Fish Consumption Could Boost Bone Health

Eating fish, already known to be good for your heart, may also help protect your bones against osteoporosis-but the interactions between the fats found in fish and bone mass are complicated, according to new research

Stevia Sales Soar

As Americans consume less added sugar, theyre switching to stevia

Who Confirms Food Additives Are Safe? Not Always the FDA

If you assume the government has checked the safety of all the additives in your food

Coffee Compounds Protect Pancreas Function

Previous studies have shown that drinking coffee may help protect against

Grill Power!

Keep your summer grilling healthy and safe. Warmer weather means the return of backyard barbecue season and time to fire up the grill. Shifting the action outdoors lets you

Almonds Have 20% Fewer Calories Than Expected

Snacking on a one-ounce handful of almonds might add only 129 calories to your diet

McDonalds Posts Calorie Counts

Not waiting for federal regulations that would require chain restaurants to

Grapefruit-Drug Interactions Found to Be More Common

If youre taking any regular medications, check with your doctor before including grapefruit

Marathon Team Runs for Research

On April 15, the Tufts Marathon Team will once again trek 26 miles, 385 yards from Hopkinton to Boston

What Now on Calcium and Vitamin D Pills?

After years of touting calcium and vitamin D supplements for your bones, lately it seems the medical establishment has taken a U-turn-leaving many people who are concerned about osteoporosis confused.