Healthy Eating

Do You Need More Vitamin B12?

If youre 50 or older, Uncle Sam says yes. Heres why and how best to get it. When the latest federal Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released earlier this year with the recommendation that people age 50 and older should get extra vitamin B12 through fortified foods or supplements, one expert commented, Its not very difficult to anticipate the sudden spate of fortified with vitamin B12 as recommended in the 2010 Dietary Guidelines messaging that will populate the fronts of boxes and bags. Before the hype hits the grocery stores

SuperTracker Puts MyPlate to Work

Positive messages replace avoidance emphasis.If your New Years nutrition and fitness resolutions are starting to flag, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Cost of Eating Right-Whos Right?

Does eating a healthy diet really cost more than picking foods high in saturated fat

Hungry Shoppers Buy More Calories

That advice never to go grocery shopping when youre hungry is worth heeding, according to a new Cornell University

Imported Salsas High in Lead

There may be more than a fiery kick in that imported salsa.

Q: Your Special Report on aspartame and high-fructose corn syrup (September Healthletter) made me...

Answer :In fact, regular table sugar (sucrose) isnt so different from high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which contains either 55% or 42% fructose plus other sugars, primarily glucose. Table sugar is 50% fructose and 50% glucose. Both table sugar and HFCS contain four calories per gram, so if youre counting calories you should limit both sweeteners. …

Q: Do egg yolks really differ from egg whites in terms of raising bad...

Answer : A Yolks contain the fat and cholesterol in an egg, in addition to protein, vitamins and minerals.

Big Apple Targets Salt

New York City officials are leading the charge in a nationwide effort to reduce the amounts of salt in packaged and restaurant foods. The National Salt Reduction Initiative aims to cut such hidden salt-a major source of dietary sodium-by 25% over the next five years. New York is the first to enact the initiatives targets, with final approval expected this spring.

Global Growth Fuels Emphasis on Whole Grains

If you had any doubt that whole grains are hot, count up the number of products sporting the black-and-gold Whole Grain Stamp. That total recently passed the 5,000 milestone

Slightly Pink Pork Safe to Eat

A little pink in your pork is OK. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) now says pork and all other whole cuts of red meat need be cooked only to an internal temperature of 145 degrees