Exercise & Mobility

Weight Lifting Could Pump Up Your Brain

Pumping iron might be good for your aging brain as well as your muscles, according to a new study of older

Higher Doses of Vitamin D Required to Protect Your Bones

A new meta-analysis by researchers at Tufts, the University of Zurich and other institutions may help explain seemingly contradictory recent recommendations by experts from the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) about vitamin D for bone health.

Sprint to Burn Fat Faster

Australian scientists have added to the evidence that high-intensity exercise

More of Us Walking, But Not as Long

More Americans are walking for their health, but their average time

Watch Your Weight and Help Protect Your Brain

Staying healthy and maintaining a normal weight may be good not only for your body but also for your

Almost Half of Obese Are Nonetheless “Metabolically Healthy”

Is it possible to be fat but still fit? The largest study ever to examine the "obesity paradox"- analyzing data on more than 43,000

Sedentary Jobs Spread Worldwide

The US isnt alone in becoming a nation of chair jockeys: Other countries are growing more sedentary, too, especially at work.

Staying Active and Social Prolongs Life Even After 75

Even well into your golden years, exercise can extend your life-and the greatest benefits come just from getting

“Ideal Weight” Gets Fatter, Too

Whats your ideal weight? As Americans get fatter, their answer is packing on the pounds, too.

7 Habits That Really Do Protect Your Heart

Celebrate American Heart Month by taking these simple steps for heart health. Making a number of small gradual changes towards lowering heart disease risk is a good and achievable goal.