Todays Newsbites

Cilantro Aversion Is Genetic

Cant stand the taste of cilantro, that increasingly popular herb found in

Vitamin D Cant Stop the Common Cold

Dont count on vitamin D to protect you from the sniffles. New Zealand researchers report

Ginkgo Again Fails to Make a Difference vs. Dementia

Yet another trial has failed to find significant memory-protecting benefits from ginkgo biloba, leading an accompanying editorial

Almost Half of Obese Are Nonetheless “Metabolically Healthy”

Is it possible to be fat but still fit? The largest study ever to examine the "obesity paradox"- analyzing data on more than 43,000

Sedentary Jobs Spread Worldwide

The US isnt alone in becoming a nation of chair jockeys: Other countries are growing more sedentary, too, especially at work.

Exercise Boosts Brain Volume in Seniors

More evidence that keeping moving is good for your brain as well as your body

Americans Cholesterol Numbers Improving

A new report has good news about Americans cholesterol levels

Supplements Mislabeled, Lack Evidence

Claims on weight-loss and immune-system supplements are frequently lacking in evidence and in violation

Scientists Building Better Potatoes

USDA scientists have developed a variety of yellow potato with two to three times the carotenoids in conventional Yukon Golds.

Were Not Eating as Much Sugar, After All

The USDA has revised longstanding estimates that Americans eat 95 to 100 pounds of sugar and other caloric sweeteners each year.