Healthy Heart

People Who Eat More Fish Live Longer

Getting more fish into your diet has never been easier-and the payoff in better health and longevity has never been clearer.

Evidence Mounts for Heart Benefits of Alcohol

Alarge new Spanish study has found that men who drink alcohol in almost any quantity are nearly one-third less likely to develop coronary heart disease (CHD). The results are also among the first to separate former drinkers from nondrinkers, thereby avoiding what skeptics of previous research dubbed the sick quitters error.

Surveying Doctors Supplement Choices

Do physicians take dietary supplements-and if so, which ones and why? A new survey conducted for the supplements-industry trade association the Council for Responsible Nutrition sought answers from 900 physicians, evenly divided among three specialties-cardiology, dermatology and orthopedics

Coffee May Combat Aggressive Cancers

Heres news that might settle the nerves of heavy coffee drinkers: Two new studies suggest that high coffee consumption might be linked to reduced risks of the most aggressive form of breast cancer in women and lethal prostate cancer in men

The New Fat Rules

Low fat is out and healthy fats are in. Heres how to make heart-smart choices. The American Heart Association recently revised its Heart Check food certification program in a way many people might

Trans Fats Make You Grouchy

Maybe its the French fries and bear claws that are making you angry

Grapefruit-Drug Interactions Found to Be More Common

If youre taking any regular medications, check with your doctor before including grapefruit

New Label Names for Familiar Cuts of Meat

Say goodbye to pork butt.

Findings Cast Doubt on Glycemic-Index Appetite Effects

Fad diets have touted using the glycemic index (GI)-a measure of how quickly a food boosts blood sugar-as a magic bullet for targeting weight loss. But science keeps finding that the facts are more complicated

Improve An Apple a Day Might Keep Cholesterol Healthier

New reason not to overlook antioxidants in apples health benefits.