Healthy Eating

Most Fooled by Sea Salt, Wrong About Sodium Sources

Makers of TV commercials about fries and other products seasoned with sea salt know their audience: According to a new American Heart Association survey, 61% of Americans erroneously think that sea salt is a healthier

Eating Right Doesnt Always Cost More

Healthy foods arent always pricier than less-nutritious alternatives, says a new USDA study

Sodium Consumption: What, Me Worry?

Despite a barrage of public-health warnings, most people arent concerned about their sodium intake

More Evidence Lutein and Zeaxanthin Good for Your Eyes

Consuming foods such as dark green leafy vegetables rich in lutein and zeaxanthin may

Foods Targeted for Health Growing in Popularity

An aging US population is increasingly looking to the foods we eat to help maintain health and ward off chronic disease

Pomegranate Juice Claims Ruled Deceptive, Controversy Goes On

In a split decision on a 2010 complaint by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against the

Hospital Meals Flunk Salt Test

A stay in the hospital could be bad for your blood pressure-and not just because

Ginkgo Again Fails to Make a Difference vs. Dementia

Yet another trial has failed to find significant memory-protecting benefits from ginkgo biloba, leading an accompanying editorial

FDA Proposes Sweeping Food-Safety Reforms

The US Food and Drug Administra-tion has finally unveiled proposed new food-safety regulations aimed at reducing the estimated 3,000 deaths annually from foodborne illnesses.

Fast-Food Consumption Dips

The percentage of calories Americans consume from restaurant fast food such as hamburgers and pizza declined slightly in a new government report