Healthy Eating

Excess Salt Plus Sitting May Be Bad for Your Brain

Sitting in front of the tube munching salty snacks may be bad for your brain-and not just because of the dubious quality

Nuts May Benefit Metabolic-Syndrome Patients

A daily handful of nuts might help some people feel better and control their hunger

Fructose No Worse for Weight

If youre worried about fructose making you fat, a new Canadian review of more than 40 studies

Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

New studies counter fears that coffee is bad for you. If you grew up thinking coffee was a guilty pleasure, you can stop feeling guilty and pour yourself another

Caffeine Linked to Lower Skin-Cancer Risk

Could your morning cup of coffee, afternoon tea or diet cola reduce your risk of skin cancer

Vitamin D Cant Stop the Common Cold

Dont count on vitamin D to protect you from the sniffles. New Zealand researchers report

Legumes Improve Heart Risk, Glycemic Control

A new study suggests that legumes could also lower cardiovascular risk by reducing blood pressure, along with improving glycemic control.

Health on the Shelf: Top Food Trends

Grains and legumes will play starring roles in new product introductions this year