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DASH Diet: Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the U.S. The DASH eating plan (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) has been proven to help control two of the major cardiovascular disease risk factors—high blood pressure and high blood levels of LDL cholesterol. Whether you want to reverse high blood pressure and high LDL […]

Lose Weight…and Keep it Off

Weight is about more than appearance. Being overweight and obese is associated with a lower quality of life (especially as we age) and higher risk for a wide range of diseases (from diabetes and cardiovascular disease to cancer and viral infections). The good news is, losing even five to ten percent of excess weight can […]

Risks of an Expanding Waistline

Forty-four percent of U.S. adults 50 and over have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of interrelated health issues that increases risk for heart attack, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. It also raises the risk of poor immune function and severe disease due to viral infections. The good news is, metabolic syndrome can be reversed. Metabolic Syndrome: […]

Eat Better, Shop Better, with this Simple Plan

Would you like to permanently reduce time spent shopping and preparing food, while improving your diet and health? The step-by-step guide that follows will streamline your interactions with food, help take the stress out of healthy eating, and put a system in place that will pay health benefits for years to come. Step 1: ASSESS […]

Preserving Brain Health Through a Heart-Healthy Diet

We have all forgotten why we walked into a room or had trouble recalling a common word, and the frequency of these lapses almost universally increases with age. On top of this normal cognitive decline of aging are the risk for dementia and stroke. Fortunately, there are concrete steps we can take to help protect […]
Selection of healthy fat sources.

Swaps for Heart and Brain Health

Simple swaps—like choosing foods with unsaturated fats to replace those with saturated, unprocessed or reduced sodium foods over typical high-sodium processed products, fruits instead of foods with added sugars, and whole grains in place of refined—have been identified as important steps for improving the diet quality of the U.S. population. These easy exchanges are practical […]
French dry red wine, pours into glass, trendy pink background

Alcohol’s Overhyped Health Benefits

Some people feel a drink at the end of a tough day helps them unwind and relax. Others may see a daily glass of red wine as a way to boost heart health. This kind of moderate drinking has been associated in some studies with positive health effects, but cause-and-effect evidence is lacking, and alcohol […]
Genes and Weight

Genes and Weight

In 1953, the same year Watson and Crick reported the discovery of DNA, Jean Mayer, former president of Tufts University and then a professor...
Maintaining bone health

Maintaining Bone Health

Our bones support us, literally, in everything we do. They protect our vital organs, store important minerals the body relies upon, and keep us...

Cancer and Diet: The Latest in Prevention

Cancer is the second leading cause of mortality in the United States, accounting for one in four deaths. Lifestyle choices such as use of...