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Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome?

About one in three U.S. adults has metabolic syndrome—a group of conditions that together indicate higher risk for a number of serious health conditions....

Using Package Clues to Find the Healthiest Choices

In today’s world, it’s practically impossible to avoid all packaged foods. Knowing how to decipher the clues on packages can help you find the healthiest choices. To continue reading this article or issue you must be a paid subscriber. Sign in Subscribe Subscribe to Tufts Health & Nutrition Get the next year of Tufts Health […]

New Findings on Cognitive Health

There is a growing understanding of the role lifestyle choices play in preventing and slowing the progression of cognitive decline. While we await new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related dementias, emerging research can offer some advice for keeping our brains healthy and sharp. To continue reading this article or issue you must be […]

Reader Beware!

Although headlines sometimes give the impression that one ground-breaking nutrition study will change food-based guidance, this is rarely, if ever, the case. Take a look at these examples of when studies were overhyped or misinterpreted—and why—so you’ll know how to make the best decisions for you and your family. To continue reading this article or […]

Demystifying Cooking Terms

Consuming a lot of highly processed, pre-prepared foods has been associated with higher risk for health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cognitive decline, stroke and, in the case of processed meats, cancer. Cooking at home from minimally processed (fresh, frozen, or low-sodium canned) ingredients is far better for your health. But what are you to […]

NAFLD: Could You Have this Common Liver Disease?

About 24 percent of U.S. adults have a liver condition that can negatively impact their health, and most don’t even know it. Fortunately, it...

Cooking with Kids Cooking with the children in your life can have many benefits...

Cooking with kids may encourage good eating habits. “It’s also a great way to bond, create memories, teach life skills, and reinforce all sorts of learning,” says Sally Sampson, founder and president of ChopChop Family, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring and teaching families to cook and eat real food together. Food preparation helps develop gross […]

Optimizing Sleep

Sleep has a major impact on health. Not getting enough quality sleep is associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, high...

Tips for Cutting Food Waste (and Why You Should)

Over one-third of the food produced in the United States is never eaten. On average, Americans throw away a pound of food per person...

Portion Tips and Tricks

Dietary advice often includes measurements. For example: for someone consuming a 2,000 calorie diet, the Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend two-and-a-half cup-equivalents of vegetables...