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If reports of foodborne illness or contaminants have you concerned about eating some healthy foods, a little knowledge and simple actions can ease your worries.

To Worry…or Not to Worry?

Making healthy food choices is hard enough without worrying about the additional potential health impact of things like pesticide residues, environmental contaminants, and rogue bacteria. Fortunately, a little knowledge can help you take control of your food safety and calm those worries. Salmonella, Campylobacter, and E. coli Infection. Outbreaks of disease from Salmonella, Campylobacter, and […]
No pill (or collection of pills) can replicate the healthful nutrients in whole foods.

Dietary Supplement Myths You Need to Know

In a 2019 poll, 86 percent of Americans surveyed said they took some kind of vitamin, mineral, or other dietary supplement. Ironically, data are...
We eat more when we’re hungry. The right food choices can help us feel happily satisfied longer—and support our health.

Staying Satisfied while Losing Weight

Hunger matters: research suggests we have an easier time eating less if we feel less hungry. Scientists have learned a lot in recent years about the physiological factors involved in hunger, and about how what we eat interacts with our body’s hunger and satiety systems (satiety is the feeling of being fully satisfied). “Importantly,” says […]
You don’t need expensive specialty foods to build a healthy dietary pattern. A little planning and minimal effort add up to big savings.

Mythbusting: The Cost of Healthy Eating

Let’s face it, checking out with a real or virtual cart full of fresh, organic produce, gluten-free and organic snacks, wild-caught fish, and grass-fed beef can lead to an eye-popping cash register receipt. We all want to make the best dietary decisions for our health, but foods like these—with their aura of healthfulness—can cost so […]
Whole grains come in all different shapes and sizes—but they are all simple to cook, delicious, and healthy choices.

The Ultimate Guide to Whole Grains

Eating more minimally processed whole grains and whole-grain foods is a good choice for your health. Beyond oatmeal and brown rice, there’s a wide array of whole grains to discover. Here’s everything you need know to begin exploring the delicious and healthy world of whole grains! What is a Whole Grain? Whole grains are the […]
Some natural, highly-sweet compounds can make sweet foods “sugar-free” and “low-calorie,” but that does not mean these foods are healthy.

The Facts About Natural Sugar Substitutes

Nutrition research is rarely unequivocal, but experts are in agreement on at least one fact: added sugars are bad for our health. Sugar substitutes are used by food manufacturers to try to satisfy our desire for sweets without cavities, calories, and blood-sugar impact. The most recent entries into the “sugar-free” scene are low calorie and […]

DASH Diet: Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes

Heart disease remains the number one cause of death in the U.S. The DASH eating plan (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) has been proven...

Lose Weight…and Keep it Off

Weight is about more than appearance. Being overweight and obese is associated with a lower quality of life (especially as we age) and higher...

Risks of an Expanding Waistline

Forty-four percent of U.S. adults 50 and over have metabolic syndrome, a cluster of interrelated health issues that increases risk for heart attack, stroke,...

Eat Better, Shop Better, with this Simple Plan

Would you like to permanently reduce time spent shopping and preparing food, while improving your diet and health? The step-by-step guide that follows will...