Healthy Eating

Marathon Team Runs for Research

On April 15, the Tufts Marathon Team will once again trek 26 miles, 385 yards from Hopkinton to Boston

Are Beverage Choices Linked to Depression?

Thats the possibility posed by a large new National Institutes of Health study that reports older adults who drink four or more sweetened soft drinks daily were 30% more likely to develop depression.

Drinking Tea Protects Your Head, Heart and Bones

"If theres anything that can confidently be communicated to the public, its the strong association of tea drinking with a lower risk of common chronic diseases, particularly heart disease, and the demonstration of that benefit through clinical trials," says Jeffrey B. Blumberg, PhD, director of Tufts HNRCA Antioxidants Research Laboratory and chair of the Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health. The symposium, held at the US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC, spotlighted new evidence of the health benefits of tea, ranging from preventing osteoporosis to improving digestion. Other new studies have recently linked tea consumption to lower incidence of some cancers and reduced risk of functional disability.

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables at Least as Nutritious as Fresh

Early spring, with its promise of green, can sometimes be the cruelest season at the supermarket for shoppers trying to eat right.

Healthy Diet Fights Infection by Boosting Immune System

Adding fruits and vegetables and other nutrient sources may help keep you from getting sick.

Health on the Shelf: Top Food Trends

Grains and legumes will play starring roles in new product introductions this year

Fast-Food Consumption Dips

The percentage of calories Americans consume from restaurant fast food such as hamburgers and pizza declined slightly in a new government report

Steady Salt Reduction Would Save Lives

Half a million lives could be saved over a 10-year period by steadily reducing

Austerity Cues Calorie Cramming

Comfort food may translate into high-calorie food when people perceive that times are tough

Understanding Food and Medication Interactions

Grapefruit and other foods can be dangerous in combination with common drugs. Heres what you need to know.