Healthy Eating

No Bone or Menopause Benefits from Soy

Women seeking an alternative to hormone-replacement therapy have hoped that soy foods, which contain a plant type of estrogen

Broccoli Benefits Best Obtained from Veggies, Not Pills

Eat your broccoli-because you cant get the same health benefits from pills

Gold Kiwi: Nothing to Sneeze At?

Its way too early to start stocking up on gold kiwifruit

Trans Fats Make You Grouchy

Maybe its the French fries and bear claws that are making you angry

Plum Crazy?

Science finds more reasons to love stone fruits. Not that most of us need convincing to indulge in stone fruits (drupes) such as plums

Dietary Magnesium Linked to Lower Colon Cancer Rates

A new study again casts the spotlight on magnesium, an often-overlooked mineral thats now

Were Not Eating as Much Sugar, After All

The USDA has revised longstanding estimates that Americans eat 95 to 100 pounds of sugar and other caloric sweeteners each year.

Leafy Greens, Poultry Top Foodborne Illness Sources

Leafy greens were to blame for the greatest proportion of foodborne illnesses over a recent 10-year span.

Unhealthy Eating Makes Bad Mood Worse

If youre already worried about your weight and diet

Learning to Love Lentils

Break out beyond beans with our complete guide to these little nutrition standouts. Lentils are the dried seeds of a type of legume. They have long been valued for the healthy vegetable protein they provide, as well as their fiber, folate, iron and potassium content. There are a number of different types of lentils, each with slightly different cooking characteristics, and myriad ways to use them