Bone and Joint Health

Whole-Body Vibration for Bone Health Disappoints

Whole-body vibration (WBV) to combat osteoporosis has been popularized lately

Potassium Power

From your heart to your bones, picking foods rich in potassium is an easy way to eat for better health. So much nutrition news seems to focus on what not to eat-avoid this, consume less of that

Higher Doses of Vitamin D Required to Protect Your Bones

A new meta-analysis by researchers at Tufts, the University of Zurich and other institutions may help explain seemingly contradictory recent recommendations by experts from the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) about vitamin D for bone health.

Vitamin D Doesnt Help Arthritic Knees

Dont look to vitamin D pills to relieve your knee arthritis pain.

What Now on Calcium and Vitamin D Pills?

After years of touting calcium and vitamin D supplements for your bones, lately it seems the medical establishment has taken a U-turn-leaving many people who are concerned about osteoporosis confused.

Suffering from Low Back Pain? Maybe You Should Try Yoga

Two new studies offer a glimmer of hope for sufferers of chronic low back pain, from an unexpected source-yoga