Stretching for a Pain-Free Life


Your body is designed to move without pain. But a sedentary lifestyle can cause tightness, loss of motion and a lack of mobility. Here to reverse this trend so you can get back to operating in the agile, easy way you once did, are chiropractors John Cybulski and Bobby Riley. In this breakthrough book, they show you their most effective stretching routines, simple enough for anyone to do at home, that strengthen key areas of the body so you can move properly and live pain-free once more.

No matter your age, athleticism or the nature of your injury, John and Bobby make it easy to understand how the body works, why it breaks down and what you can do to stop your pain from worsening. Each stretching regiment has detailed instructions and pictures, so you can follow along with ease and make sure you are moving with care. Best of all, these routines require no equipment―the most you’ll use is your couch! Whether you have shooting pain in your foot when you walk, debilitating sciatica in your lower back, knees that ache when carrying groceries or you want to reverse modern conditions like tech neck and rounded shoulders, these stretches address a variety of critical issues so you can find relief no matter your condition. With these simple and effective movements, you’ll eliminate your pain and build a healthier, more resilient body for long-term wellness.

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