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Exercise & Mobility

The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. Exercise can prevent weight gain, help you lose weight, reduce your risk for chronic diseases, even improve your mood. There are many ways for older adults to include physical activity and promote mobility. You'll discover in-depth ideas for protecting your mobility and independence, and receive the latest news on joint health, inflammation, and healthy bones.

Avoiding Dehydration

Summer heat increases risk for this potentially dangerous condition.

Subscribers Only  August 2018 — The hot summer months are upon us, but sweating in the sun is not the only factor that raises risk for dehydration. This potentially dangerous drop in body fluid affects everything from blood pressure to the brain, so knowing the causes, signs, and symptoms of dehydration—as well as how to avoid it—is critical.

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More Exercise & Mobility

Healthy Lifestyle Adds 12 to 14 Years

 Subscribers OnlyJuly 2018 - Maintaining five healthy habits is associated with more than a decade of additional life expectancy after age 50,...

Osteoarthritis and Exercise

June 2018 - Wear-and-tear arthritis (osteoarthritis) breaks down the cushion of cartilage that allows joints to flex without...

Brain Health

April 2018 - The number of nerve cells in the brain typically decreases with age, and the levels of the chemical substances...

Timing of Meals

April 2018 -

Research hasn’t clearly shown that eating three meals a day is any better or worse than five or six smaller...

Strength-Training Recommendations

April 2018 - Strength training, also known as resistance training, is a form of physical activity that exercises a muscle or...

B Vitamins

April 2018 - Although we typically talk about the energy value of food in terms of calories, once you consume food, these calories...