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NewsBites September 2013 Issue

USDA Allows GMO-Free Meat Labeling

For the first time, the US Department of Agriculture has approved a label claim for meat and liquid egg products certifying that the animal sources never ate genetically modified (GMO) feed. The claim can appear on prod-ucts certified by a third-party organization, the Non-GMO Project. In allowing the label-ing, the USDA said this did not signal “any new policy regard-ing non-genetically engineered or non-GMO products.” Rather, the approval follows the USDA’s policy of allowing companies “to demonstrate on their labels that they meet a third-party certifying organi-zation’s standards.” Still to be worked out is how the non-GMO labeling will fit with the existing “grass fed” label claim, which allows animals to be fed alfalfa—a possible GMO feed.

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