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NewsBites September 2013 Issue

Putting Farmed Salmon to the Test

Do the heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids in farm-raised Atlantic salmon survive baking? While salmon is known to be high in marine omega-3s, that particular combination of products and prepa-ration hadn’t actually been put to the test until USDA scientists baked up a batch. Baking the salmon to a tender-but-safe 145 degrees Fahrenheit, but not overcooking it, preserved the omega-3s. Levels of unhealthy fatty-acid oxidation byproducts actually decreased in the baked fish compared to raw salmon. In related research with 19 healthy volunteers, researchers found that consuming just 6.3 ounces of the salmon doubled blood levels of one omega-3 and boosted another 50%. Scientists concluded, “The volunteers did not have to eat a lot of fish to see the benefit.”

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