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NewsBites July 2013 Issue

FDA to Investigate Added Caffeine

Concerned about the possible effects of the proliferation of caffeinated products, the US Food and Drug Administration announced it would investigate the impact of these “new and easy sources” of caffeine, especially on children’s health. The FDA action was prompted by the introduction of chewing gum, since pulled from the market, containing 40 milligrams of caffeine per piece—about the amount in a half-cup of coffee. But the gum is only the latest entry in the caffeine craze, which already had the FDA concerned about energy drinks and “shots.” Manufacturers have added caffeine to trail mix, candy and even potato chips. An FDA spokesman noted that the only time the agency has explicitly approved the addition of caffeine to a food or drink was in the 1950s for colas. Today’s trend is “beyond anything FDA envisioned.”

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