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NewsBites March 2013 Issue

Aerobics Best for Fat Loss

If you want to shed fat pounds and gain lean tissue, carry your weights as you hit the road. Thatís the conclusion of the largest study of its kind to compare aerobics and resistance training among overweight or obese adults. Publishing their findings in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Duke University researchers reported that, among 119 participants, those assigned to about 12 miles a week of aerobics training lost the most weight. Those who combined aerobics with resis-tance training lost less weight but more inches off the waist. Participants who did resis-tance training 180 minutes a week actually gained weight due to increased lean body mass. "Itís not that resistance training isnít good for you," researchers commented. "Itís just not very good at burning fat." Tufts studies have linked strength training to reduced risk of sarcopenia, the loss of muscle associated with aging, and other re-search suggests it improves glucose control.

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