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NewsBites December 2013 Issue

The Thrill of Victory, the Fat of Defeat

Rooting for the home team could be hard on your arteries when your football favorites lose, especially if it’s a nail-biter. French researchers report that fans whose NFL team lost consumed as much as 28% more saturated fat the next day. Narrow losses led to more indulgent eating than blowouts, and teams with the most fervent fan bases (led by the Pittsburgh Steelers) were most associated with postgame binges. On the other hand, fans whose teams triumphed celebrated by eating 16% less saturated fat the next day. The study looked at two weeks of food diaries kept by 726 participants in the National Eating Trends database from the market-research firm NPD group. Losing and winning fans didn’t eat widely differing amounts, but their choices differed. As one researcher put it, “Nobody ate broccoli after a defeat.”

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