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NewsBites November 2013 Issue

Do Fortified Snacks Mislead Consumers?

The FDA is planning an online survey of 7,500 adult consumers to test whether fortifying snack foods with vitamins or other nutrients—and boasting about it on packaging—leads people to make unwise choices. In a statement, the agency explained, “FDA does not encourage the addition of nutrients to certain food products including sugars or snack foods such as cookies, candies and carbonated beverages. FDA is interested in studying whether fortification of these foods could cause consumers to believe that substituting fortified snack foods for more nutritious foods would ensure a nutritionally sound diet.” The survey would test consumer reactions to mock products such as a snack claiming “As much [nutrient] as a serving of [food product],” a candy labeled “Good source of [nutrient]” or a soda sold as “[Product name] plus [nutrient].”

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