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Ask Tufts Experts August 2012 Issue

Q: If I ate as much food every day as listed in your “One Day’s Potassium Plan” (March), I would gain weight and have to double my blood-sugar medication! Can you suggest a lower-calorie potassium plan suitable for diabetics?

Answer :  Actually, we did compute the calories in our example of how to get 5,419 milligrams of potassium from a day’s worth of meals, but omitted those numbers to avoid reader confusion. You’ll be surprised to learn that this “potassium plan” contains only 1,323 calories. For diabetes patients, the American Diabetes Association recommends getting potassium from food rather than supplements, and suggests “Diabetes Superfoods” that include these from our sample day’s meals: spinach, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, non-fat yogurt, tomatoes, fish, whole grains and fat-free milk.

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