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NewsBites February 2012 Issue

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s… Broccoli!

A new “super broccoli” might help protect your heart by combating unhealthy cholesterol. British scientists spent 14 years hybridizing the broccoli, crossing a standard plant with a wild, bitter variety found in Sicily. They aimed to boost the broccoli’s content of glucoraphanin, a naturally occurring compound that breaks down fat in the body, keeping it from clogging your arteries. Besides boasting two to three times the glucoraphanin, the “super broccoli” also tastes slightly sweeter. Marketed in the US as Beneforte, the broccoli will roll out nationwide this fall. Meanwhile, the scientists who developed it are conducting human trials to test the heart health of those who eat it, compared to ordinary broccoli.

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