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NewsBites July 2011 Issue

Only Half in US Judge Themselves as Overweight

Worried about your weight? Soon you may be in the minority, even as Americans grow ever fatter. A new survey by the International Food Information Council (IFIC) reports that only 50% of Americans consider themselves overweight—a new low, down from 57% last year, and well below the 70% of the population that’s actually overweight or obese. We think we’re eating better than ever, however, with 62% saying their diet is “extremely” or “somewhat” healthy, up from 53%. The percentage describing themselves as “sedentary” in physical activity climbed from 37% to 43%. Carrie Dooher, president of the IFIC Foundation, said that the contradiction between pound perception and reality “may indicate that Americans are being less hard on themselves and less critical of their health and well-being than in past years, despite an environment in which improved health and wellness is increasingly discussed from the media to government to the dinner table.”

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