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NewsBites July 2011 Issue

Even Organic Cookies and Chips Enjoy Health “Halo”

People think “organic” means healthier and lower in calories—even for processed foods such as cookies and potato chips, a new study reports. Cornell researchers wanted to test the widespread perception that organic foods are healthier—the so-called “halo” effect of organic labeling—in foods not normally associated with healthy eating or organic ingredients. So they asked 144 people to rate various taste and nutrition attributes of chocolate sandwich cookies, chips and yogurt labeled “organic” and “regular”; all the products were actually organic. The snacks labeled “organic” rated higher on almost all taste attributes, and people said they’d be willing to pay more for them. Tasters also guessed that the “organic” foods were lower in calories and fat and higher in fiber. Researchers concluded, “Having this organic label may lead people to underestimate the number of calories in a food product or feel they can indulge.”

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