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NewsBites June 2011 Issue

Global Growth Fuels Emphasis on Whole Grains

If you had any doubt that whole grains are hot, count up the number of products sporting the black-and-gold Whole Grain Stamp. That total recently passed the 5,000 milestone, a 25% increase in just nine months. Part of the accelerated growth is due to international interest in the stamp, launched in 2005: The stamp is now found on store shelves in 22 countries. “A decade ago, whole grains were almost unknown in many countries,” says Cynthia Harriman, PhD, director of food and nutrition strategies for the nonprofit Whole Grains Council , which developed the stamp. “And yet today, brown rice is gaining a foothold in China and Japan; whole grain pasta is becoming commonplace in Italian supermarkets; and a Mexican company is one of the driving forces bringing whole grain breads to Latin America.” About 10% of the council’s 275 members are based outside the US and 15% of products using the stamp are being sold internationally.

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