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NewsBites November 2011 Issue

Less Sugar, But Still Lots of Sodas

A new CDC report, in conjunction with Emory University researchers, says US consumption of added sugars has dropped compared to 1999-2000. Sugary soda consumption showed the greatest decline, and only energy drinks increased in popularity over that span. Nonetheless, according to another new CDC report, nearly half the US population over age 2 drinks at least one sugary beverage every day, and 70% of boys ages 2 to 19 drink sugary beverages daily. A quarter of Americans consume 200 or more calories a day from sugary beverages such as soft drinks, and 5% daily slurp at least 567 liquid calories—the equivalent of four 12-ounce sodas. One surprise in the findings: 52% of sugary drinks are consumed at home, whereas researchers expected a higher consumption at restaurants.

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