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NewsBites May 2019 Issue

Fried Foods Associated with Higher Risk of Death

Fried chicken

Image busracavus | Getty Images

New studies have found associations between fried and ultra-processed foods and higher risk of death.

Frequent fried food intake was associated with a higher risk of death among U.S. women, according to a study recently published in The British Medical Journal (BMJ). Using data from a large cohort of 106,966 postmenopausal women from the Women’s Health Initiative, researchers examined how consumption of fried foods including fried chicken, fried fish/shellfish, and other fried foods related to risk of death. After follow-up of 18 years, women with more frequent consumption of total fried food experienced higher risk of death. While researchers did adjust for other risk factors, this study could not conclusively determine whether frequent consumption of fried foods was an independent risk factor for worse health outcomes, or a marker for a generally low-quality diet (which could be responsible for the outcomes observed).

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