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NewsBites April 2019 Issue

More Fruits and Vegetables for Brain Health

As reported in the journal Neurology, a recent study found that highest consistent intakes of fruits and vegetables, compared to lowest intakes, were linked to better self-reported cognitive function at older ages. Over a 20-year period, 27,842 U.S. men participating in the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study completed five detailed dietary questionnaires as well as two subjective cognitive function questionnaires. Participants who reported consuming the highest intakes of green leafy vegetables, carotenoid-rich (green, orange, and yellow) vegetables, berry fruits, and daily orange juice, compared to those who reported lowest intakes, had significantly lower odds of moderate and poor self-reported cognitive function. Of note, participants with high intake of fruits and vegetables also tended to engage in more physical activity. An overall healthful lifestyle is likely best for optimal brain health in later life.

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