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NewsBites April 2017 Issue

Omega-3s May Be Good for Your Gums

Eating foods high in omega-3 fats may aid oral health. Scientists reviewed 11 human studies (observational and trials) on omega-3 fat intake and periodontal (gum) disease.

Regularly consuming omega-3 fat in food or having high blood levels of EPA and DHA (omega-3 fats) was associated with periodontal health benefits. However, in three small trials included, supplementing with omega-3 pills for as little as 8 days and up to 8 months showed no measurable benefit on poor periodontal health, compared to control groups who didn’t take the pills. More research is needed to determine if eating omega-3-rich foods promotes gum health or if other factors associated with omega-3-rich diets contributed to the observed gum health benefits. Meanwhile, it’s reasonable to follow guidelines for heart health, which advise at least two weekly servings of omega-3-rich fish (such as salmon or sardines). The study is published in Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition.

To Learn More: Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, online February 2017

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